Health & Safety

We guide our client’s leadership team to promote optimal health and safety of workers, workplaces, and environments. Our expert team is comprised of seasoned professionals with strong capabilities and diverse global experience in the field of Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Health, Healthcare IT & Safety and other similar and allied services.


The advisory services include:

    • Health, Hygiene & Safety
      • Food Safety & Hygiene Audits
      • Indoor Environment Quality & Monitoring Solutions
      • Occupational Health & EHS Compliance


    • Clinical Services
      • Medical Assessments
      • Ergonomics & Physiotherapy
      • Health Surveillance
      • Travel Medicine
      • Injury Management & Fitness for Work Assessments


    • Onsite Health Solutions
      • 24/7 Doc on Call Service
      • Onsite Doctors and Medics
      • Medical Centre Management
      • Onsite Medical Specialists
      • Ambulance support


    • Wellbeing Programs

      • Workplace Health Assessments
      • Executive Health Programs
      • Tune Up Health Fairs
      • Wellbeing Programs for work-life balance


    •  Training Programs

      • Regulatory Awareness Programs
      • Workplace Safety
      • First Aid Training
      • Physical and Mental Wellbeing at the Workplace
      • Rehabilitation and Return to Work Training


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